Mix Cube



The Fredenstein MixCube is a digital controlled stereo analog mixer that may be configured as 8-channel, 16-channel, 24-channel or 32-channel. Each channel has gain control, pan control, mute and solo. The final mix also has gain control, balance (pan) control in and mute. Plus there are 4 “fader groups” that can control user assigned sets of channels that has gain, mute and solo functions.

The Fredenstein MixCube is only 16cm (6.5”) x 16cm x 16cm in size. The front panel includes an 11cm (4.3”) 480 x 272 pixel color TFT display to show settings. There are 3 rotary encoders and 3 buttons on the front panel. The graphics display also has a high resolution output level meter.

The MixCube features fully balanced summing amps. This helps achieve the unusually high +28 dBu maximum input and output levels and helps minimize noise and distortion. The MixCube can be remote controlled with MIDI or USB. This allows the MixCube to be controlled with standard MIDI Fader Controllers.